IT Consulting Services You Can Trust

When your technology is working well for your business, nobody even notices.

We provide IT consulting services to create and implement an IT strategy that solves problems and ensures your IT is reliable and boring.

If your business IT is not working, your focus is on IT problems- not your core business.

What you need for your business technology is infrastructure and IT systems that run like they are supposed to run, so your people can stay productive. How much time are you and your team wasting due to continual IT problems? Our IT consulting services will identify the weaknesses in your current IT system and services and develop an effective IT strategy that increases business productivity and profitability. With Digital Fire, you can feel fully confident in your IT, knowing you have a cohesive IT platform that keeps everyone on the same page, working to meet your business goals.

Information Technology to Support Your Business Needs

As a business owner, you understand that your technology should be enhancing every business process and helping you follow-through with your business objectives. If you are disappointed by your business technology, there’s a better way. IT Consulting Services from Digital Fire will set you up with the right IT strategy, infrastructure, and support to help you overcome existing business challenges and prevent future IT problems. We closely assess your business needs, consider your primary business goal, and ensure you have the technology systems and support in place to get you there.

A Technology Strategy that Works for Your Business

With Digital Fire’s IT Consulting Service, your business will benefit from strategic technology consulting that aligns your IT investments with your business goals. Our team will work closely with you to develop an effective, customized technology strategy and then implement the set of information technology components so that they work together as one streamlined system to help you do what you do better.

Our IT Support and Services Include:

A Seasoned Team of Professionals to Meet Your IT Consulting Needs

At Digital Fire, our consultant team brings more than twenty years of experience and a proven methodology to your IT Consulting Services. Let us show you how to take a proactive approach to your business technology by building a strong foundation with your IT strategy and infrastructure. With the right components in the right places, you and your team can work smarter, not harder. Your small business will finally have the optimal technology plan and systems to help you better meet your customers’ needs and grow like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From needs assessment and IT strategy development to implementation, our consulting team covers all the bases to ensure you have the optimal infrastructure, IT services, and support to meet your business goals.

Yes, we provide our Consulting Services as part of your comprehensive IT Services Package that’s available for an all-inclusive, flat, monthly rate. We bill based on the number of employees and workstations.

Our proactive approach to business technology sets us apart from the competition. We set up your IT systems and infrastructure, so you have fewer problems and downtime and less need to call for support. It all begins with a proactive IT strategy that helps you prevent issues before they begin.

We currently have 16 business technology experts on our team. Eight are dedicated to proactive services to prevent IT problems, while the other half provides fast, effective solutions when you need them most.