Digital Fire Commitment to Client Health and Safety


At DigitalFire Computing Inc., we consider our clients' well-being a priority and the following document will outline our commitment to client safety. We pledge to protect and ensure the health and safety of our clients. This protection includes any possible injuries, diseases or physical harm. All supervisors and employees of DigitalFire Computing Inc. are dedicated to our continuing objective of reducing the risk of injury. We are also committed to ensuring a work environment that is respectful of all clients and employees.

DigitalFire Computing Inc. will act in compliance with all Local, Federal, and Provincial workplace Health and Safety legislation.

Guidelines - Client Health and Safety

  • Should any of our clients wish to consult our full Health and Safety Policy, it is located in the Digital Fire office.
  • DigitalFire Computing Inc. will ensure that the First Aid kits are fully stocked.
  • All clients are expected to abide by the guidelines posted by signs and by verbal directions from our staff restricting access to avoid risk and/or injury.
  • Should a client witness any sort of violation of Health and Safety procedure, or if a client is concerned about any possible risk to public safety, they are directed to immediately ask an employee to contact their supervisor and detail their concern.
  • In the event that a client appears to be in distress, for any variety of reasons, DigitalFire Computing Inc. will work to identify the situation, and react appropriately.
  • DigitalFire Computing Inc. employees are committed to avoiding conflict with clients, and avoid overstepping the boundaries of professional conduct.
  • In the event that a client poses a threat to other clients, and/or employees, DigitalFire Computing Inc. employees are obliged to advise the client that he/she must cease and desist in any unsafe action, and shall then report the behavior/action to management immediately.
  • In the event that a client discloses information regarding his/her intention to cause serious bodily harm to either him/herself or others, or any intention to cause willful destruction to property, the DigitalFire Computing Inc. employee that receives this information is obligated to disclose this information to DigitalFire Computing Inc. management, the EAP provider, and the appropriate authorities.
  • In the event that a client is reasonably suspected of being under the influence of either alcohol, illegal drugs, or any such substance that may reasonably increase either his/her own risk of accident/injury, or that of other clients, or that cause the client to negatively impact the surrounding clients in any way, DigitalFire Computing Inc. employees will be required to advise the client that they must cease and desist in their actions. Management should be contacted, and the client may be escorted off of the premises if appropriate.