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Optimize your server and boost productivity with our clustering solutions

Clustering protects you from hardware failure. Run your servers across multiple hardware nodes. Once you're up and running, you can drive a forklift through one of the nodes and your servers just keep running like nothing happened.

Protect your mission critical systems and half the cost of other solutions.

We group independent servers, usually located in close proximity together, via a dedicated network to function as one centralized data processing and storage resource. These clusters are capable of performing multiple complex instructions at once by distributing workloads across all the connected servers.

We use linux based open source server clustering as one of the many weapons in Digital Fire’s arsenal needed to implement, manage and monitor your cluster. The software interface is entirely web based for easy management and control without needing to know linux or any other complicated technology. You can run your own infrastructure in just a few clicks or engage us to manage and monitor it for you.

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Benefits of server clustering include:

  • Availability - clustering helps boost the system's availability to users.
  • Performance - our solution can increase overall server performance.
  • Endurance - build tolerance towards faults and component failures.
  • Safety mechanism - if a server fails, it automatically shuts down and users are switched to another node and can keep working

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