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At Digital Fire, we understand that your growing business relies heavily on the Internet to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. That’s why our experts have developed a unique solution for per-packet load balancing, allowing you to aggregate multiple links for much higher upload and download speeds.

With a three-legged bond of 6 MBps ADSL circuits with compression enabled, you can achieve download and upload speeds of over 20/3 MBps. Since this is done on a per-packet basis rather than per-session or per-destination, your entire bandwidth is available even when downloading a single file.

1 DSL line
per month
2 DSL lines
per month
3 DSL lines
per month
4 DSL lines
per month

The setup is simple for you: we provide a dedicated onsite bonder which you can plug into any router or firewall using a static IP (multi-WAN functionality on your firewall is not required) - so we can have your Bonded Internet solution up and running in no time.

Bonded DSL from Digital Fire is ideal for businesses that want:

  • Fast uploads for online backup of company data
  • Fast uploads for video streaming
  • Faster connection then normal broadband but can’t afford other highspeed options, or where such options are simply not available
  • High availability, with automatic failover for when a DSL line goes down
  • Single set of public IP addresses, regardless of the number of underlying ADSL connections

Our Bonded DSL pricing is very reasonable when compared to connections with similar upload speeds such as data T1s, fibre, MPLS, and broadband wireless.

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