Managed IT Support and Services You Can Trust

You shouldn’t be wasting your time on continual IT problems.

We prevent IT issues from happening in the first place with proactive IT Support and Services that address underlying problems, so your IT runs optimally 24/7.

If you must place frequent calls to IT support, your business productivity is suffering.

“What’s your response time?” is the wrong question. The real question is - how often do you have to call? 50% of our staff is reactive, but we don’t want you to deal with emergencies. That’s why half of our team takes a proactive approach, setting your IT up so you don’t have to call support in the first place. We review client tickets to identify the underlying causes and implement the right solutions to give small businesses peace of mind and optimal business productivity. Our dedicated IT support makes it easier than ever to achieve your business goals.

Proactive Tech Support to Protect Your Business and Promote Profitability

IT Support should cover all the bases for your business, including all information technology systems and processes, disaster recovery, and cloud services. Even the smallest gap in security and support can put your business at risk. Our IT Support provides the infrastructure and services you need to keep your employees on task and maximize overall business productivity and profitability.

A Dedicated Support Specialist to Handle Emergencies If They Arise

If you are tired of dealing with anonymous help desks or situations in which there is no clear responsibility for who owns and solves your IT problems, you and your employees deserve better. Our dedicated Support Specialist will be there during an emergency to take over any problems and provide fast, effective solutions to minimize downtime that halts business productivity.

Our IT Support and Services Include:

We’re proud of the IT Support we offer our clients.

The Digital Fire team brings more than twenty years of experience and expertise to your business’s IT Support and Services. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing transformational, business-saving results for our clients. Here’s what they’re saying about us on Google:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our response time is under two hours, but that’s the wrong question. The right question is how much less support will you need because your technology is running well. Our proactive IT approach prevents problems before they happen.

At Digital Fire, we speak business. We understand that you need technology, but you also need someone who communicates in plain English. Our IT Support Specialists excel in clear communication and will be there when you need them to understand your request and provide a quick solution.

The Digital Fire office is in Oakville. However, we perform 80% of our work remotely. We have extra hardware in place to reduce the need to visit your office. For example, all the server and network hardware is attached to power outlets that can be remotely rebooted or powered off and on to get you back up and running in minutes instead of waiting for a technician to arrive.

Our proactive approach to IT services and support means you will experience fewer emergencies. Your technology will operate optimally 24/7. Our team won’t need to spend time putting out IT fires - your system will run so well that continual stressful emergencies will become a thing of the past.