How Safe is Social Media

As a business owner, you put your heart into ensuring every aspect of your business runs smoothly and effectively, including the social side of it.

Every business is considered a living organism, and social needs are part of the main aspects you must consider from the start.

Spotting Suspicious Emails

Have you noticed an increase of spam emails recently? It seems that it is that time of year again where scam artists come out of hibernation and are going out of their way to get malware onto your computer.

The question that is on everyone’s mind is “Why am I still receiving spam mail?” Email works in such a way that it will send all suspicious mail to the spam folder instead of just deleting the email.

Protecting your business using firewalls – Part 2

Where does this firewall fit in? Who are they for?
The answer is people like you. Really anywhere and anyone that feels they have the need and usually many who don’t even realize that they do. At the very least, even a simply configured firewall will provide an additional layer of security in the form of virus protection.