How Safe is the Cloud?

Is Cloud Storage Safe?

If you’re looking to set up your company’s IT infrastructure, you’ve no doubt seen many arguments for using cloud storage to keep your data safe. Services like Google Drives and Dropbox have made a huge impact on how people preserve important information.

Critical Tech Choices for a safe IT infrastructure

Critical Tech Choices for a safe IT infrastructure Management

When setting up your IT infrastructure, the safety of your data should be one of your biggest priorities. The last thing you want is a system that’s easily targeted by hackers, as dealing with digital threats can be incredibly costly and damaging to the reputation of your business.

How to Prevent Ransomware

One of the biggest cyber threats your business can encounter is ransomware, a type of cyber attack that involves taking your private information and hold it hostage. This cybercrime is a common way people lose their passwords and credit card information, but businesses are at an even bigger risk by having company data and customer information stolen.

What To Do If You Click On A Phishing Link

For a long time, phishing schemes were one of the most popular cybercrime methods, and many people still joke about them to this day. They used to have outlandish scenarios to take advantage of people who were new to the internet, such as claiming a Nigerian Prince needed your credit card info to send you money, but phishing has taken on much more deceptive and destructive forms over the past decade.

Tech Outlook for 2016

If technology isn't already one of your top 3 business drivers it will be in 2016. 2016 is shaping up to be a great year in technology. Cloud and security continue to be overall themes while the convergence of technology and the Internet of Things might start to become a reality this year.

Hackers Can Silently Control Siri From 16 Feet Away

SIRI MAY BE your personal assistant. But your voice is not the only one she listens to. As a group of French researchers have discovered, Siri also helpfully obeys the orders of any hacker who talks to her—even, in some cases, one who’s silently transmitting those commands via radio from as far as 16 feet away.

Protecting your business using firewalls – Part 1

There is a lot of confusion surrounding computers and computer security which tends to flare up every time there is a high profile incident (such as the recent break in at Ashley Madison). During the few days surrounding the latest virus or security scare, we usually receive many calls to our help desk and sales team asking if this sort of thing could happen to them, if they’re protected, and what would happen if they weren’t. The truth is that it’s impossible to be immune to every threat out there.

Special Message from the President

CryptoLocker presents a serious threat, more serious than the average malware because there is no fix, so I wanted to let you know personally.  The malware can be removed but the only way to get your files back is to restore from a backup or pay the ransom.