The Right Use of Cloud Computing Services Is Critical

Are you trying to determine if cloud computing is suitable for your small to mid-size business?

We assess the costs and benefits, and help you decide if moving to the cloud will make your business more productive and profitable

We Help You Standardize and Streamline Your Technology
with Purpose

Once If we determine that your business has a strong case for using the cloud, we can help develop an efficient cloud computing strategy. The Digital Fire team will ensure you use the cloud on purpose—conscious, practical use, rather than just throwing stuff up there with no discernible benefit to your organization. From moving applications, phone systems, and emails to the cloud to helping you navigate the entire transformation with security and confidence, Digital Fire gives you the best ROI for your cloud computing investment.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business?

Without the cloud, you purchase the software and license for a program like Microsoft Office and store it on your computers. Regular updates make the version you purchase immediately obsolete, but you are stuck with the now incompatible version unless you want to invest in the newest one. It can feel like an endless (and frustrating) cycle.

With cloud computing, you pay monthly for the services and instantly get the latest updates when released. The cloud process is much simpler when it's time to upgrade your equipment. Standardizing and streamlining your business technology is far easier, too.

In the cloud, you get the benefit of being part of an infrastructure at a scale that is far more than could be set up at your office. The key is use cloud computing strategically so it makes sense for your business.

Expert Consulting to Help You Make the Right Decision for Cloud Computing

Even with all the benefits of moving to the cloud, it may not be the right move for your business. How can you know for sure? Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward answer. The good news is that Digital Fire will assess each of the programs and systems you use and provide in-depth consulting to help you determine if cloud or on-premises services work best for your unique situation.

In some cases, a mix of cloud and on-premises makes the most sense, or it’s possible that the cloud is not the best choice and would require extra data entry work. Let our experts provide crucial consulting to help you know for sure, so you can move forward with 100% confidence.

Custom Cloud Computing Comes Standard with Digital Fire’s Services

When you choose Digital Fire as your IT services provider, your business will benefit from trusted consulting and custom cloud computing services that are part of our all-inclusive business technology solutions. You’ll never get cookie-cutter services from us. Everything we do is tailored to meet your unique business technology needs. Connect with the IT experts at Digital Fire today to learn more about our cloud computing services and consulting.

We have offered Cloud Computing services since they exist

At Digital Fire, we have offered cloud computing solutions to our clients for more than two decades. Some of them have been with us since we started in 1999!

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