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The World Backs Up March 31, 2012

Did you know that March 31 is an important day? Yes, it is Gordie Howe's Birthday. But that's not why it's important to us. March 31 is World Backup Day! A day for us to all take a minute and ensure our laptops, desktops, portable devices and servers are backed up and secure.

Sync your Outlook to your BlackBerry over the Air!

How many times have you left the office thinking ’shoot I forgot to sync’ and then you don’t have your appointment times and details with you. Well, there’s no need to worry about it anymore.

A few simple steps will allow you to sync your Outlook Calendar to your Blackberry over the air and keep your outlook calendar up to date at all times.

With H1N1: If in doubt, work from home

According to many sources one of the best ways for businesses to stop the spread of influenza H1N1 is to encourage workers to stay home if they experience flu like symptoms. But how will you cope with the loss of potentially 20-30% of your workforce?

Reduced productivity is the last thing we need as we recover from this recession.

Do you run your Business IT like the Space Shuttle or a Lemonade Stand?

The traditional approach to IT is to wait until something breaks and then get it fixed.
This has worked for a long time but if you think about it, how much sense does it really make? Would you drive your car until the wheels feel off? Would you drive without an oil change until the engine seized? NO!! That would cost a lot more in the long run then getting the oil changed when you need it, not to mention the inconvenience of all that downtime to fix the car.

Outlook on Steroids: Xobni

Xobni is an Outlook Plugin we came across courtesy of one of our client’s Dr. Bruce Rowat. is the website. It’s easy to use and has some really neat features.

Stats: When you select an email Xobni will tell you how many messages you’ve sent and received from that person, show you a graph of the times you typically get those emails, a list of conversations with that person and much more.

Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit for the Masses

Motorola’s T505 Rokr puts an end to expensive car hands free phone kits. What used to cost $500 or more and had to be installed by a professional and was vehicle specific is now available online for about $90, works great, is easy to use and portable from car to car.

Go Paperless, No Really

In honour of earth day we thought we’d revisit the topic of going paperless. When computers were first entering the business world we were all promised the end of paper as we knew it. However as we all know, paper use is greater now then it has ever been in the past.

Are you infected with Conficker? Do the 20 second check

Conficker is not a new virus. It first appeared in late 2008, but has recently received a lot of hype including a feature on 60 minutes on March 29th, 2009. The hype is mostly because there are some unknowns about the virus and because some estimates put the number of infections as high as 15 million PCs. According to Symantec less then 1% of the total infections are in the US. Approximately 29% of infections are in China, followed by Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and India.