It’s Moving Season – Avoid 3 costly mistakes when moving your business

Father's day was also the first day of summer this year. As the weather turns warmer it's also a very popular time to move your business. Moving can be a very exciting and positive experience. Avoid these pitfalls to make sure it isn't also a negative one.

  1. Check the Internet availability before you sign. The Internet is mission critical to almost every business these days. And while some form of Internet is likely available in your new digs, it's important to know if fast Internet is readily available. Don't take the landlord's word for it. Check for yourself so you don’t get stuck with slow Internet that can destroy your staff’s productivity or with very expensive Internet that can hurt your profitability. As a rule of thumb you need about 1 Megabit per user download and 0.2 Megabits per user upload with a minimum of 10/1 for most businesses. If those numbers are confusing, don't worry, simply call or email us and with your new possible address and we'll give you a free assessment of what's available in your new potential location with a free analysis of what speed and cost structure makes sense for your business.
  2. Plan. It's sounds simple right? Just a few weeks ago we received a referral for a business that was moving. They called us on Thursday for a Friday afternoon move. The Internet was not in place at the new location and no one had thought about how the network and servers were going to be moved. At that point, you're likely heading for downtime and business interruption. Luckily we were able to pull a rabbit out of the hat on that one but that's not always the case. The more people you have in your company, the more complex the setup, the more time is needed to plan a successful move. It's best to contact your IT provider 60-120 days in advance. Most fiber Internet providers for example, require a minimum of 90 days lead time. Internet for offices of 1-20 people can still take 2 weeks or more to be installed. The takeaway is to involve your IT provider early. That way you can plan and budget for a stress free successful move. Digital Fire specializes in business IT moves.
  3. Upgrade. Don't throw good money after bad just to move your old outdated technology. It's often the same cost or less to upgrade to newer systems, like telephones and network switches instead of paying to move and reconfigure outdated technology. Spend your money wisely and use the move as an opportunity to enhance speed and productivity in your organization. Digital Fire is also an official Ontario Electronic Stewardship recycling facility so we can make sure your old equipment is recycled in an environmentally friendly way. During and office move, almost everything is changing anyways, adding a new printer, new telephone system and faster equipment into the mix adds to the feeling of a new beginning and company growth. Change becomes a sign of good things happening at the company instead of something to fear. A move is the perfect time to upgrade systems that everyone knows are outdated but never had the time to change. Conversely, keeping the old technology that was getting in the way can put a damper on the mood and leave staff with a less than positive outlook about the move. A move is the perfect time to upgrade key equipment. Digital Fire can help you assess what to keep and what to update to get the most value for your IT spend.

Moving isn’t easy. Avoiding these pitfalls can help make for a positive experience. For help moving your business in a smooth and stress free way, contact Digital Fire.