Special Message from the President

DSC_0078_JPGCryptoLocker presents a serious threat, more serious than the average malware because there is no fix, so I wanted to let you know personally.  The malware can be removed but the only way to get your files back is to restore from a backup or pay the ransom. Those of you on our full monthly Fire IT Up program are already as protected from this threat as you can be and the protection that is already in place is the best the industry has to offer. Of course, 100% protection is not possible, so we ask that you do your part and do not open suspicious programs or attachments and be extra vigilant because this is a relatively new type of threat the tech industry is dealing with. Please see the details below on how you can help prevent this malware from infecting your computers.

If you aren't on our Fire IT Up program then please backup your data immediately as once the data is locked by this malware it cannot be unlocked without paying the ransom. Our offsite backup service is a great way to start, give us a call and we'll secure your computers against this horrible software.


Leslie Babel
President, Digital Fire

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