With H1N1: If in doubt, work from home

According to many sources one of the best ways for businesses to stop the spread of influenza H1N1 is to encourage workers to stay home if they experience flu like symptoms. But how will you cope with the loss of potentially 20-30% of your workforce?

Reduced productivity is the last thing we need as we recover from this recession. Technology can help.


3 Ways Users can work from home:

1. Remote Login: This technology enables users to login to their work computer from anywhere.

easy to install files do not leave the office users login to their own work computer can use any computer to login from anywhere access can be granted or denied easily from the office

down if internet goes down requires one computer at the office for each remote login computer at the office must remain on

$0 – 20 per month per user

www.logmein.com Free
www.gotomypc.com $20/month or less

2. VPN: Enables a user to maintain a tether to the office.

must be installed on a specific computer (ex. a laptop on the road) faster to use – once file is opened or downloaded many users can use this simultaneously without needing computers for each at the office access can be granted or denied easily from the office

moderately complex to install security: files are downloaded to the machine the user is working on and used from there users must have the necessary software installed on their local machine (ex. Quickbooks) some programs are not compatible (often if large amounts of data are exchanged between client and server)

$199 per year per company

VPN harware solutions are also available and range in price from $250 and up depending.

3. Terminal Services: A Microsoft server based technolgy

files do not leave the officeexcellent security controls

complex setup required only works with domain based network powerful server is generally required setup for each user is required on the server terminal server licenses may be needed for other software (ex. MS Office)

$100-200 per user one time fee + other software licenses

Setting up users to work from home can be a very simple do it yourself job or can be quite involved. It depends on the needs of the specific organization. For most users a simple and free solution is available and is easy to install. Call or email us at 905-845-5959 or support@digitalfireinc.com for more details.

Other Links:
US CDC document on H1N1 business preparedness.

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