Do you run your Business IT like the Space Shuttle or a Lemonade Stand?

The traditional approach to IT is to wait until something breaks and then get it fixed.

This has worked for a long time but if you think about it, how much sense does it really make? Would you drive your car until the wheels feel off? Would you drive without an oil change until the engine seized? NO!! That would cost a lot more in the long run then getting the oil changed when you need it, not to mention the inconvenience of all that downtime to fix the car. We get regular maintenance done on our cars like oil changes, checking fluids, tires, brakes etc. all so that we can avoid major damage down the road.

What if the space shuttle program ran that way? “Let’s not bother to fix anything until it breaks.” It’s preposterous!!! So why run your Business IT that way?

Business IT is mission critical.

Regular maintenance and upkeep for the computers in the office is a cornerstone of your business. Without it, you’re heading towards a brick wall without knowing it. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll have hit the brick wall. By then it’ll be too late for the proactive approach. The result will be downtime and inconvenience that will cost you money.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Have a great day everyone.
Leslie Babel
President, DigitalFire Inc.

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