Outlook on Steroids: Xobni

Xobni is an Outlook Plugin we came across courtesy of one of our client’s Dr. Bruce Rowat. www.xobni.com is the website. It’s easy to use and has some really neat features.

  1. Stats: When you select an email Xobni will tell you how many messages you’ve sent and received from that person, show you a graph of the times you typically get those emails, a list of conversations with that person and much more.
  2. Conversations: Clicking an email brings up the Conversations box in the Xobni window. Quickly access multiple conversations and previous emails. No more searching for the last email that person sent on the topic to get context. Simply click the conversations and Xobni organizes the emails for you.
  3. Files: Once an email is clicked Xobni retrieves all the attachments sent by that person. All accessible easily and in one place.
  4. Integration: In a sort of neat and creepy way, clicking an email brings up the FACEBOOK photo of the sender and their phone number as well as their LinkedIn profile and Hoovers listing. This feature is killer. Instantly see all the info you need.
  5. Search: Xobni pre indexes all your emails so searching is lightnight fast. Get the info you need right away. No more waiting for Outlook to search.

Xobni is awesome – a super useful business tool. Best of all, it’s totally free. Visit www.xobni.com for the download or call DigitalFire Inc. at 905-845-5959 for help installing.

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