Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit for the Masses

Motorola’s T505 Rokr puts an end to expensive car hands free phone kits. What used to cost $500 or more and had to be installed by a professional and was vehicle specific is now available online for about $90, works great, is easy to use and portable from car to car.

The T505 from Motorola is a Bluetooth hands free adapter for your car. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and to your car stereo speakers through an FM modulator. When you receive a call, push a preset on your car stereo for the FM channel of the T505 and answer the call. Your Bluetooth compatible cell phone will route the call through the T505. You will hear the other person through your car stereo speakers and they will hear you through a microphone on the T505. The noise cancellation technology is great and you can drive hands free and talk on your cell phone. All for $90.

Oh and the T505 can also play your music! Any media files on your phone can be played on your car stereo and the tunes sound great. When a call comes in, the music stops automatically to receive the call and then restarts when the call is over. Voice dialing is also supported if your phone is equipped with the feature.

The T505 Rokr is a great value, easy to use and easy to setup. There’s no more excuse to be holding that phone up to your ear while driving!

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