Speed Up Your Computer in 60 Seconds

Have a look on your PC right now down on the right by the clock. How many icons are there? Did you know that EACH of those icons is taking up CPU power and slowing your computer down? Do you really need them to be running all the time?

You can often gain a significant performance increase just by preventing programs from starting up and running in the background. Most of the time programs you rarely use are the ones slowing down your machine.

Microsoft has a tool built into windows called “msconfig”. We’ll use msconfig to enable and disable programs from running when the computer starts up. Note that we are not removing the program, you can still run the program normally from the Start Menu. However, it won’t take up precious CPU time, so your computer will be faster.

Running msconfig:

  1. Get to the Task Manager by hitting Ctrl+ Alt + Del. Depending on your computer, that will either bring up the Task Manager or give you an option to run the Task Manager. Then choose File à Run. In the box that comes up type “msconfig” without the quotes and click OK.
  2. The msconfig window now comes up. Go to the Start Up tab.
  3. You are now presented with a list of check boxes. The task is simply to uncheck the ones you don’t need starting up each time the computer starts. You will need to make some educated decisions here. As a rule of thumb if you’re not sure, leave the box checked and remember that if you accidentally uncheck something you need you can just go back and recheck the box at any time.
    Let’s take an example. If you have Norton installed then you will have something called ccApp on the left and the file it’s pointing to on the right is a Symantec file. Since you don’t want to disable your antivirus, keep that box check.
    Another example is Reader_sl on the left and Adobe Speed Launcher on the right. This is a program that speeds up the launching of Adobe software. This is nice if you read a lot of PDFs but if it’s the occasional PDF then it’s probably better to wait an extra second or two opening a PDF then to slow down your computer all the time because the program is waiting for the moment you want to open a PDF.
    Once you go through the list you’ll likely find that 50% or more of the programs that start up are programs that you don’t use often. Turning them off will speed up your computer significantly.
  4. When you’re done simply click OK. You will be prompted to reboot your computer and when you do you should find that things are much faster in general. Upon reboot you will be presented with a security message making sure that it was you and not a rogue program that ran the msconfig utility. You can click the check box for “do not show this again” in order to avoid this message in the future.

That’s it! Your computer should be much faster now. And remember if you find that something doesn’t work, simply go back and check the box for whatever doesn’t work and you can easily reverse the changes.

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