Online Software Can Really Make Small Business Tick

Mentioned in another blog post by DigitalFire Inc., Software as a Service and Open Source software can really revolutionize small business. The quality of software that the small business owner has access to is truly incredible these days. We’ve collected a few of our favourites here but there are many many more.

Time Tracking: Simple and feature rich, Function Fox tracks projects and client too.

As we move along, you’ll find overlap in the features of these items. Sign up for the free trials to get a taste of which ones are best for you.

Project Management: Comprehensive and intuitive to use, Easy Projects is also very powerful. It has a unique reporting feature that will let you build custom reports to extract the precise information that you need.

Contact Management: Very easy to use, this inexpensive simple contact management tool can provide a nice collaboration tool for the virtual company that needs to share contacts.

Lead Tracking: A unique approach to leads has the sales “track” as the driving force for the actions that you take. The software tracks each prospect and where they are in your sales pipeline. The tasks that need to be accomplished (phone calls, meetings, quotes etc.) are driven not by tracking the prospects themselves, but by tracking where each prospect is in your particular company’s sales cycle. This is a unique approach that promises to be effective

Invoicing: A simple and powerful time tracking, invoicing and expense tracking tool that can be used virtually by any company. Run by a dedicated team, this is software you can count on.

Open Source:
There is open source software for everything imaginable. One of the best is which is a viable alternative to Microsoft Office software and the best part is that it’s totally free! It’s fully compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint offering Writer, Calc and Impress as alternatives. Open Office also includes Base for databases and even a Photoshop alternative called Draw. A very complete package entirely free.

Check this link for a comprehensive list of great open source software. Or check and search for the type of application you’re looking for.

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